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sarah carter senior creative
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Unlike the sterotypical creative, Sarah doesn’t need to be wrangled. She is organised, articulate and ‘in tune’ with client needs, always focused on the goal of the brief.

kylie blatsis
senior account director

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Sarah is colourful and creative in every way. Whether she’s on the tools or on set, Sarah is a force of energy, enthusiasm and drive, with a keen eye for detail and a passion to deliver over and above. A much respected team player and mentor too.

wendy mace
creative director

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Passionate about her work with a dedication to organisation that is rarely seen in the creative community.  


With the ability to inspire, excite and influence, Sarah has established the loyalty of not only her co-workers and crews but also her clients.  Her positive, infectious nature has seen her bring joy to the mundane, and a new way to look at the ordinary. 


Trust and reliability are much underrated, however in Sarah’s hands, they are as much of an asset as her creativity.

tania de masi
creative director

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I believe in delivering emotive, engaging creative strategy with the customer's needs and aspirations at their core with consistency across all platforms.

I bring a definitive and unique set of strengths
to every project or role, including:

Ability to use both the left and right side of
my brain – a creative who can wear the suit.

Audience focused and commercially minded, delivering emotive, engaging and strategic creative (not simply pretty pictures) that
translates to engagement and sales.

Leading teams and collaborating with honesty, enthusiasm, humour and clear expectations.

Redesigning and improving process.

I’m hands-on, adept at using the tools and designing, not merely directing others. 

Experienced in fostering genuine relationships that build confidence and trust, from the retail floor to key stakeholders and senior management.

Thorough and proven understanding of female demographic in AU & NZ.

Contagious enthusiasm.

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