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sarah carter senior creative
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Creative strategy, direction & ideation
Content development
Process redesign 
Art direction & design
Event & stills creative direction
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Brands worked with:
ezibuy | spring campaign



Celebrating our place in the world. We exist to unlock the world of fashion and style for women. Be it global fashion or everyday basics, we make it work for our climate, our street, our relaxed and easy way of life.


Global trends viewed through a Southern Hemisphere lens.

Our climate

Our streets

Our environment

Our way of life



We compiled locations that define our unique place in the world and handpicked those most appropriate for each campaign:

Sydney Street cool

Sydney nautical

Country Australia

Australian beach

NZ sculptural landscapes

Cafe culture

The Outback


Presenting a cohesive and honest portrayal of the home of EziBuy, maintaining our identity within budget constraints.



Implemented from Spring for over a year, the Southern Hemisphere focus was well received by the customer and helped to develop more authentic content, seeing an increase in customer engagement. The client applauded the solution as the ideal marriage of creative and budget.

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